The backpack, walking sticks, hats and other necessary items. Listing Backpacks transporting in the Way of Saint James. Organized trips in the Way of Saint James.

Walking Stick (Bordón) and Backpack appropriate for the Way of Saint James.

The choice of the backpack should be adequate to the body of the pilgrim. The gross weight must not exceed 10% by weight to the carrier.
The walking stick to help, must always be of wood, now we already industrialized and commercialized in supermarkets, very short sticks with metal tip.
Do not use in any ski poles, it is painful to see pilgrims carrying heavy backpacks for climbers aided by canes skiing.

The right backpack to do the Way of Saint James to stand or walk.

Formerly the pilgrims did not use backpacks, but Esportillas and Saddlebags (Alforjas).
The basket (La esportilla), was a bag where the pilgrims kept their belongings. Sometimes the basket (esportilla) was a simple bundle that pilgrims hanging from the stick, recalling the image of the Fool of the Tarot. Also called basket (esportilla), a small bag that pilgrims hung around his neck and carried inside clothing, keeping the money and valuable documents. The purpose of this was esportilla protect it from theft. They soon realized the innkeepers that achieving the target was easier to use the art strength and switched to the kindness and indulgence of ethyl, together with insinuating promises of love, from naughty to frequent the inns and taverns.
The Saddle (Alforjas) is a strong piece of cloth or sack that has bent the ends to form two bags. In the middle is a flat part to hang and distribute the weight well. The carry, peasants and pilgrims to the shoulder or above the horses. the concept was transferred to the world of bicycle and also referred to as saddlebags to bags that hang on the front or rear wheel height.

Tips on proper backpack for to do the Way of Saint James to stand or walk.

  • Choose a backpack as light and low capacity, never use or Mountain Climbing Backpacks.
  • Backpack: You must distribute the weight along the shoulders, back and hips. Peak should be eliminated pressure points.
  • You must have an ergonomic design and adapt to the body of the carrier. Choose the appropriate size.
  • Complete freedom of movement.
  • Adapt the backpack straps so that, join the pack about 5-7 cm. below the highest point of the shoulders.
  • Make sure you have padding in the areas of contact with the body.
  • The backpack should have wide, padded hip belt.
  • Facility to sweat.
  • To do the Way of Saint James, the backpack should be loaded so that the center of gravity of the backpack, is as high as possible, to this end, bear the heaviest near the shoulders.

El Loco del Tarot
Mochilas y Botas para el Camino de Santiago
El Loco del Tarot
Mochila, Botas y Calcetines para hacer el Camino de Santiago

The right backpack to do the Way of Saint James by Bike.

You must provide you with a double bag, hanging on either side of the rear wheel.
We have also seen that the European pilgrims wear a backpack on the front wheel.

The right backpack to do the Way of Saint James on Horseback.

The Pilgrims on horseback, until very recently had saddlebags, which tended in the saddle or horse rig.
Today we see that this custom has disappeared and pilgrims on horseback move their belongings in the car for support.

Transportation of Backpacks

Along the way there are bars, where taxi drivers, offering us your services from Transportation of Backpacks.
Verify you, that the taxi driver or carrier that provides the services, is identified by the staff of the bars, because you can take the surprise that it never appears your backpack.
At present, there are specialized companies that end:
Taxi Fermín
Fermín Aldaba Tel: 619056863/948104181 Pamplona
It has a Ford S-max, with all the amenities for a comfortable ride, Up to 6 passengers 4 bikes.
Taxi Fermin Pamplona
Taxi Fermin

Oriented tariffs

Holidays: 55 €
Labor: 70 €
Pamplona- Saint Jean de Pied de Port Labor : 90 €
Holidays : 120 €
* Supplement for each bike: 5 €.
Taxi Pamplona
Oscar Apesteguia Tel: 628 934 964
Group of taxi drivers in Pamplona, that offer services for shipments from Pamplona to Roncesvalles, Saint Jean de Pied Port or any other destinations in the Pilgrim's Way.
They have cars with 8 seats, 7 seats, 6 seats, five seats and four seats, super comfortable, four bikes. They have all permits in order.
Juanjo Tel.: +34 610 983 205
taxi sahagun
Ronda De La Estación 7,24320 Sahagun, Tel: 689 563 390
Taxi Belorado
Av. Burgos, 3 09250 Belorado (BURGOS) Tel: 947580010
Backpacks Transportation from Leon to Castrojeriz
Taxi Jaca
Jaca, Huesca Tel: 637 503 920 Services and businesses. Visa. Budgets..
Albergue Ave Fenix
In Villafranca, carries backpacks of pilgrims to Travadelo, Ruitelan, Herrerias, La Faba y O Cebreiro.

Bordon, crook or Staff to do the Camino de Santiago Bastón, Bordón, Cayado o Báculo, para hacer el Camino de Santiago

The term is most used at present: Staff, but also used the Arch. The oldest name were: Bordon.

Peregrino a Santiago
Bastónes, bordónes, cayados, báculos

Other objects of the way of Saint James

Sun Hat





  • If you make the journey on foot, only be necessary in Autumn-Winter.
  • If you make the Way on horseback are recommended in spring-summer and autumn / winter essential.
  • If you do it the bike path are essential all year round.

Notice about the Car Support for the Way of Saint James

The acquisition of Compostela, does not allow the use of car support, including transport bags.
The rule is designed to deliver the Compostela pilgrims and tourists exclude.
If at first the idea is good, it seems too restrictive, as it eliminates the possibility of obtaining Compostela groups: the sick and disabled physical, requiring support car.
Well, for all are tricks that can save the restrictions.


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