List of Hotels, Inns and Holiday Homes in the French route to Santiago. It is advisable to use them as alternatives to shelters in case of saturation of these. We recommend checking telephone information and reservations.

Hotels in the Way of Saint James French

List to Hotels in the Way of Saint James French.

List to Hotels in the Way of Saint James French: Provinces
Town Name Telephone Address Province Zip Code
Santiago HOTEL AVENIDA 981570051      
Santiago HOTEL R. B' NOR 981596911      
Santiago HOTEL AS ARTES 981555254      
Santiago HOTEL R. B' NOR 981596911      
Santiago HOTEL GARCAS 981888378      
Santiago HOTEL R. SAN JACOBO 981580361      
Santiago HOSTAL SEMINARIO MAYOR 981572880      
Santiago HOSTAL HOGAR SAN FRANCISCO 981572463      
Santiago HOSTAL ALFONSO 981585685      
Santiago HOSTAL R. WINDSOR 981592822      
Xan Xordo PAZO XAN XORDO( C. Rural)        
Santiago Hotel Os Carballos 981680714 Ctra. Nac. 55O Oroso - A Coruña A Coruña
Santiago AC PALACIO DEL CARMEN 981552444      
Santiago HOTEL MELIA ARAGUANEY 981595900      
Santiago HOTEL LOS ABETOS 981557026      
Santiago HOTEL R. COMPOSTELA 981585700      
Santiago HOTEL LOS TILOS 981819200      
Santiago HOTEL TRYP SANTIAGO 981534949      
Santiago HOTEL PEREGRINO 981521850      
Santiago HOTEL PUERTA DEL CAMINO 981569400      
Santiago HOTEL R. AREA CENTRAL 981552220      
Santiago HOTEL HERRADURA 981552340      
Santiago HOTEL CASTRO 981509304      
Santiago HOTEL CONGRESO 981819080      
Santiago HOTEL R. GELMÍREZ 981561100      
Santiago HOTEL RUTA JACOBEA 981888211      
Santiago HOTEL SAN CARLOS 981560505      
Santiago HOTEL SAN VICENTE 981694571      
Santiago HOTEL HUSA SANTIAGO APOSTOL 981557155      
Santiago HOTEL VIRXE DA CERCA 981569350      
Santiago HOTEL AIRAS NUNES 981569350      
Santiago HOTEL R. COSTA VELLA 981569530      
Santiago HOTEL R. REY FERNANDO 981569260      
Santiago HOTEL SAN LORENZO 981580133      
Santiago HOTEL SANTA LUCÍA 981549283      
Santiago HOTEL R. UNIVERSAL 981585800      
O Pino O PINO 981511035      
Arzúa HOTEL R. SUIZA 981500862      
Melide HOSTAL XANEIRO II 981506140      
Portomarín POUSADA DE PORTOMARIN 982545200   Lugo  
Sarria HOTEL ALFONSO IX 982530005   lugo  
Sarria HOTEL VILLA DE SARRIA 982531938   Lugo  
Mansilla de las Mulas Las Singer 987310454 Párroco Don José Alvarez, 6 León  
Pamplona Hotel Reino de Navarra 948 177575   Navarra  
Pamplona Hotel NH EL TORO) 948 302211   Navarra  
Pamplona Hotel NH lruña Park 948 173200   Navarra  
Estella Hotel YERRI 948 546034   Navarra  
Puente la Reina Hotel Jakue. 948341017   Navarra  
Puente La Reina Hotel El Peregrino     Navarra  
Puente La Reina Hotel Bidean 948340457   Navarra  


We recommend call to telephone, in order to confirm the existence and availability of the establishment.